Kathy Mundell appointed counselling co-ordinator for District

Lethbridge School District No. 51 is pleased to announce the appointment of Kathy Mundell as counselling co-ordinator for Lethbridge School District No. 51.

Mundell is a vibrant leader who models life-long learning. A visible outcome of this passion for learning is her deep knowledge of instructional pedagogy, adult learning and student support services. One knows with certainty when Mundell leads an initiative or desires to broaden her knowledge as an educator and leader in a specific area, she will commit the time and energy to develop a level of expertise necessary to lead.

She is also a reflective practitioner who believes in building the capacity of others for a strong team. Full of life, zest, and energy, Mundell is a “people person” who loves to have fun, laugh and enjoy the fellowship of others.

Her natural ability to network and nurture genuine relationships will serve her well in the role of counselling co-ordinator. It also serves as a foundation for building strong collaborative teams and a growth mindset focused on shared vision. Mundell is approachable and a strong communicator who listens to others.

“I am passionate about cultivating healthy inclusive environments where all people can thrive,” she said. “I am excited to join an amazing District Instructional Services team who go above and beyond to support staff and students. I look forward to establishing school and community relationships that will continue to build the capacity to serve students. I am grateful for the staff relationships and support I have benefitted from as a Lethbridge School District No. 51 teacher and leader for 22 years prior to assuming this new role.”

Assuming her new role with a breadth of experience, Mundell has served Lethbridge 51 students and staff as a teacher in a number of different schools at both the elementary and secondary levels. She also has learning support teacher and vice-principal experience at elementary and secondary levels.

Her professional experience includes a temporary appointment as Director of Inclusive Education for a term leave, and work with high schools regarding transition planning as part of this role.

Mundell possesses a Bachelor of Arts and B. Ed. Degree, followed by a Masters of Education focusing on Leadership and Administration.

Date posted: March 27, 2019