Learners are innovative thinkers who are successful, confident, respectful and caring

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Grades Taught

Early Education to Grade 5


Mission Statement:

Nicholas Sheran School is an inclusive and collaborative community where innovative and critical thinkers build resiliency by embracing challenges.

Vision Statement:

We are respectful, lifelong learners that are ready for the challenges of the future.

Our Core Values:

Our school’s new community has recently launched its new Vision and Mission statement to reflect who we now are. We have built our character education program around four new value statements:
COLLABORATION, RESPONSIBILITY, COMPASSION and RESILIENCE. All that we do will revolve around these four key values. Students will celebrate with each other, staff and families as they grow into respectful, lifelong learners that are ready for the challenges of the future.

COLLABORATION – You work together toward a shared goal.
RESPONSIBILITY – You do things you are expected to do and accept the
consequences of your actions.
COMPASSION – You show kindness, caring, and willingness to help others.
RESILIENCE – You bounce back or recover from challenges.

Core Values Poster


2023-2024 Assurance Plan

2023/24 Assurance Plan


2022-2023 Annual Education Results Report

2022/23 Annual Education Results Report


2023-2024 School Fee Reporting

2023/24 School Fee Reporting

Facts and Figures

Nicholas Sheran Park and Nicholas Sheran Community School are named after Alberta's first miner and coal operator. Nicholas Sheran, who was born in New York of Irish parents, was an adventurous young man. At the age of 14, he enlisted in the Union Forces as a drummer boy. When peace was restored, his wanderlust took him to the Arctic where he joined a whaling crew for two years. Returning to New York, he soon began to grow restless and before long he was heading west. The year was 1870. Upon reaching Fort Benton he decided to visit two of his friends, Hamilton and Healy, the traders who had established Fort Whoop-Up. Nicholas Sheran was actually prospecting for gold as he made his way along the Fort Benton Trail. He found 'Black Gold!" Arriving at the Fort, he took on the job of operating the ferry and began digging coal in his spare time. In 1872 he moved further along the river and established himself at what became known as `Sheran's Crossing'. There he began mining in earnest and thus the Coal Industry of Alberta was born.

School Colours

Our colours are black and gold to depict black gold, 'coal'. The mascot selected for our school is our prairie resident the gopher. He has been named Nikki.