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Once Upon A January Makerspaces

This month we did some experiments that focused on states of matter.  The exploding snowman went from a liquid solution to a gas (carbon dioxide), the crystal snowflakes went from a liquid solution to a solid, and Elsa's frozen ice eggs went from a solid to a liquid.  The students had to rescue princess Anna, Olaf, Kristoff as well as bugs and flowers and other items frozen found in ice by using salt and warm water.  

One of the books I read this month was, "The Paperbag Princess" by Robert Munsch and for one of the makerspaces we practiced making dragon circuits with conductive and insulated play dough, made paper airplane dragons, trapped Prince Ronald in student made towers, and decorated a paperbag princess.

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"How to Code a Sandcastle" December Makerspace

During book exchange time I read the book, "How to Code a Sandcastle".  Then for Makerspace, I had activities such as: building sandcastles, moving robots from one end of a track to another, basic sequencing and coding skills demonstrated by an ozobot, and a light table which had x-rays of animals found at a beach they could look at. In addition they could design unique structures with cups on the light table as well as make pixel art with binary codes or color pictures.  

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Market Day Makerspace

In November students at Nicholas Sheran participated in a market activity! Students were able to learn about the value of money.  The Marketplace had a bakery, banks, a drink shop, a bookstore, and a photography studio with a green screen.  Everyone took turns buying and selling.  Here is a short video clip of all the fun.

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October Fun in the Learning Commons with Pumpkins

We read the story, "Pumpkin Jack" by Will Hubbell during book exchange time.  Then helped Jack's pumpkin friend, Penelope get well during Makerspace time.  Penelope felt sick and threw up every class because she ate things like crushed frogs legs, dragon's spit, and witches boogers (baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap). The students made her get well cards and self portraits, they collaborated to build minecraft creations because it is her favorite game, and they tried to discover what made her so sick by sifting through slime.  Please enjoy the short clip of the fun time the students had with this.

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Author Don Friesen Visits Nicholas Sheran Learning Commons

Some classes at Nicholas Sheran got to experience a real author in the Learning Commons in November.  Author Mr. Friesen read his book called, "Carter Bluebottle the Dragonfly" to Kindergarten and grade 1 students.  The school purchased two of his books, both of them signed by him.  All the students who visited with the author entered a draw to win one of the purchased copies, and a lucky grade 1 in Ms. Finnie's class was the winner.  

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Remembrance Day Poem on the Green Screen

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Book Tasting

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What is a MakerSpace?

Makerspace is "a collaborative learning environment where students can come together to share materials and learn new skills...Makerspaces are not necessarily born out of a specific set of materials or spaces, but rather a mindset of community partnership, collaboration, and creation."

In our Makerspace we focus on using the principles of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) to meet curricular goals and student outcomes.



What is a Learning Commons?

learning commons, formerly known as the school library, is a shared learning space that is both physical and virtual.  Like libraries, learning commons support a student-centered approach by providing quality resources and flexible space for instruction, social and collaborative learning, production and presentation.

Research shows that students who have access to quality school library services, which a learning commons perspective enables, are more likely to exhibit advanced student achievement and literacy development.

Nicholas Sheran is committed to providing this for our students.

Please browse through the website and watch the informational videos about what a learning commons offers students through the use of Makerspaces and STEAM activities.


Borrowing Policies

Kindergarten and Grade 1 students may borrow one book at a time.  Grade 2/3 and Grade 4/5 students may borrow two books at a time.  Books may be borrowed for one week, with one renewal, if necessary.  Whether books go home or stay at school will be at the discretion of the homeroom teacher. 

Replacement fees are collected for lost and damaged books via SchoolCash Online.  Should you be charged for a lost or damaged book, you will receive an email notice describing the reason for the fee and can pay for this online. 

Lost Books:
Reminder notices are sent home with children before a book is deemed lost. If lost books are found in the same school year after payment has been made, a refund will be issued.

Damaged Books:
Normal wear and tear of library books is to be expected. However, books damaged beyond reasonable use (for example, books with ripped or missing pages, water damage, torn covers, and excessive marking or staining) will be removed from circulation and a replacement fee will be assessed.