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Scenario 1: In-school classes resume

Principal's Message

Bienvenue and welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. Start up this year was so very different than any past year. Considering all the changes, we were very pleased with our new school year start. Thank you…thank you…thank you parents, many of your children were ready for the challenges and changes. Here are some of the highlights during our first week mentioned by both parents and staff.

  • Parents appreciated knowing their child’s teacher in advance.
  • Teachers were ready to receive their new students outside and enter the building together. This organization actually meant students were physically entering the classroom ready for their day. Thank you parents for understanding that in order to keep your child safe, we are not allowing others to enter the building without an appointment. Your children rose to the new challenge and were amazing.
  • The staggered start, allowing teachers to only have half their students on day one and day two was also a big hit. This eased transition and helped with quicker and stronger relationship building opportunities.
  • Parents had their children ready for mask use in the school building. Thank you for spending the time preparing your children. Students being prepared to wear marks in the hallways allowed for better flow and a greater sense of safety. 
  • Recess times are also working well for our current context as classes are given daily recess zones to play in, not to mention that we have a third of our students out at each break. Teachers take their students outside to their recess zone and then pick them back up at that zone to re-enter the building. These very structured transitions are working very well in helping students move from one activity to another.  

IMPORTANT COVID-19 Health reminder:

The school must keep records of children's known pre-existing conditions. If a child develops symptoms that could be caused by either COVID-19 or by a know pre-existing condition (e.g. allergies), the child will need to be tested for COVID-19 to confirm that it is not the source of their symptoms before entering or returning to school. If the COVID test is negative, this will be noted along with the symptoms on a tracking sheet. The student will be permitted to attend if they exhibit these same symptoms, but if symptoms change (e.g. a runny nose and eyes due to allergies changes to the addition of a cough, runny nose becomes green mucous), they will be required to stay home and will need to be tested again. The same applies with staff in school buildings.

We are currently NOT allowing whole class treats to be brought into the school by families to share with classmates. My apologies but we must follow health regulations. We did secure some funding to provide food items to students in need of extra nutrition during our two breaks. For health and safety all items will be pre-packaged and more of the supplementary types of food, granola bars etc.

Lastly as for summer work around the school, the replacement of the roof was finally completed and some minor outside painting occurred. We are still hoping to get the hallways in the 200 wing painted in the near future. Thank you to our caretaking team for working so hard over the summer to clean, polish and now disinfect. Cleaning of all touch points occur throughout the day. Welcome back!

Thank you / Merci
Mme Deborah Constable
Principal / Directrice