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Supply Lists

2022-23 School Start Supply Lists:

Grade 1 School Start Supply List

Grade 2 School Start Supply List

Grade 3 School Start Supply List

Grade 4 School Start Supply List

Grade 5 School Start Supply List


2022-23 Supply Lists:

Nicholas Sheran School Supply List (one page/all grades)

Nikki's Den Supply List


School supplied items can be purchased at https://lethbridge.schoolcashonline.com

***All Kindergarten school supplies will be provided by the school and can be purchased for $30 through https://lethbridge.schoolcashonline.com. Grade 1, 3 and 5 students have smaller lists as they have many school supplies provided by the school for a $10 fee on SchoolCash Online. These fees are not posted until the end of September.

***Your child may be asked to bring additional supplies by individual teachers.