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Supply Lists

2022-23 Supply Lists:

Nicholas Sheran School Supply List (one page/all grades)

Nikki's Den Supply List

School supplied items can be purchased at https://lethbridge.schoolcashonline.com

***All Kindergarten school supplies will be provided by the school and can be purchased for $30 through https://lethbridge.schoolcashonline.com. Grade 1, 3 and 5 students have smaller lists as they have many school supplies provided by the school for a $10 fee on SchoolCash Online. These fees are not posted until the end of September.

***Your child may be asked to bring additional supplies by individual teachers.



2023-24 School Supplies

All Kindergarten to Grade 5 students will have a supply fee attached in SchoolCash Online and the school will supply MOST of their supplies for the school year. 

School supplied items can be purchased at https://lethbridge.schoolcashonline.com.

The supplies that will need to be provided from home:
-Pencil Case (fabric or plastic)
-Water Bottle
-Lunch Kit/Lunch
-2 Boxes of Kleenex

Grade 1 ONLY - Please also provide:
Last Names A-K- 1 pkg wet wipes/baby wipes
Last Names L-Z- 1 pkg disinfecting wipes

Grade 3/4/5 - One-time purchase of a recorder will be added to SCO. The fee is posted every year. If you already have a recorder, please have it approved by Mr. Sheedy and the fee will be removed. It does not have to be paid yearly.

Some grades will have field trip fees posted later in the school year.

Hot Lunches and Parent Council fundraisers will be posted throughout the year - all optional and not required.