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Staff Directory


Photo of Dawn Walmsley

Mrs. Dawn Walmsley


Photo of Stephen Woodcock

Mr. Stephen Woodcock

Vice Principal

Office Staff

placeholder image for Shelby Enns

Miss Shelby Enns

placeholder image for Jeanine Miklos

Mrs. Jeanine Miklos

Administrative Assistant


Photo of Jen Robinson

Mrs. Jen Robinson

Student Support Worker

Teaching Staff

Photo of Erin Beekman

Mrs. Erin Beekman

Learning Support Teacher

Photo of Debra Bingham

Mrs. Debra Bingham

Grade 1

Photo of Keely Boschee

Miss Keely Boschee

Grade 1

Photo of Nadia Britton

Mrs. Nadia Britton

Nikki's Den

Photo of Mandy Chudobiak

Mrs. Mandy Chudobiak

Grade 4

Photo of Brittney Erickson

Mrs. Brittney Erickson

Grade 5

Photo of Mallory Finnie

Miss Mallory Finnie

Grade 1

Photo of Josh Firth

Mr. Josh Firth

Grade 4

Photo of Ashley Fujikawa

Mrs. Ashley Fujikawa


Photo of Anna Gotgilf

Ms. Anna Gotgilf

Grade 5

Photo of Lee Ann Howe

Ms. Lee Ann Howe

Grade 3

Photo of Megan Lewis

Miss Megan Lewis

Grade 2

Photo of Jennifer Mikilak

Mrs. Jennifer Mikilak

Grade 2

Photo of Danielle Murray

Mrs. Danielle Murray


Photo of Crystal Niven

Mrs. Crystal Niven

Grade 3

Photo of Michelle Rhodes

Mrs. Michelle Rhodes

Grade 2

Photo of Owen Sheedy

M. Owen Sheedy


Photo of Angie Smith

Mrs. Angie Smith

Grade 3

Photo of Jami Thompson

Ms. Jami Thompson

Grade 4

Photo of Jodi Wood

Mrs. Jodi Wood

Grade 5

Educational Assistants

placeholder image for Stacey Anderson

Ms. Stacey Anderson

placeholder image for Chantel Andrews

Ms. Chantel Andrews


placeholder image for Mandi Bernhart

Mrs. Mandi Bernhart

Nikki's Den

placeholder image for Noel Bultsma

Miss Noel Bultsma


placeholder image for Margaret Dyck

Mrs. Margaret Dyck


placeholder image for Lisa Harvey

Mrs. Lisa Harvey


placeholder image for Carla Heinz

Ms. Carla Heinz


placeholder image for Melanie Hill

Mrs. Melanie Hill


placeholder image for Diana Johnson

Mrs. Diana Johnson


placeholder image for Jodi Kawade

Mrs. Jodi Kawade

Nikki's Den

placeholder image for Tara Kobylansky

Ms. Tara Kobylansky

Nikki's Den

placeholder image for Leilani McCutcheon

Mrs. Leilani McCutcheon


placeholder image for Cindy Mead

Mrs. Cindy Mead


placeholder image for Donna Mortensen

Mrs. Donna Mortensen


placeholder image for Patricia Panigua

Ms. Patricia Panigua

placeholder image for Alyshia Rogers

Mrs. Alyshia Rogers


placeholder image for Catherine Stewart

Mrs. Catherine Stewart

Nikki's Den

placeholder image for Hilda Visser

Mrs. Hilda Visser


Early Education

Photo of Teagan Orsten

Mrs. Teagan Orsten

EEP Manager

Learning Commons

Photo of Darlene Van Dellen

Mrs. Darlene Van Dellen

Learning Commons Facilitator


placeholder image for Sean Kaupp

Mr. Sean Kaupp

Head Caretaker

placeholder image for Caleb Moberg

Mr. Caleb Moberg


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