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School Council

The School Council is the organization where parents communicate and exchange ideas with each other, teachers and school management on a large variety of issues such as:

  1. Student policies and procedures( (i.e) lates, discipline, dress code, etc.
  2. School programs (i.e. Science Fair, Concerts), curriculum adaptions 
  3. Computer technology 
  4. Field trips, extra-curricular programs 
  5. Fundraisers, special events, etc

The School council does not do `Site Based Management', but in effect is an advisory drawing board where all parties involved in our school can express their preferences as to what direction to take on the above and/or many other issues. Parents `make' the meetings: any concerns regarding the well-being of our students can be presented, discussed and hopefully solved. 

2020/21 School Council Executive

Chair - Melanie Robdrup

Vice Chair - Catherine Ball

Treasurer - Ryan Vogt

Secretary - Brie Schindel

DSC Reps - Locke Spencer and Ryan Hartford

To contact school council:  NS.SCPres@lethsd.ab.ca

Who Can Attend?

All parents of Kindergarten through Grade 5 students, staff members and community representatives involved with École Nicholas Sheran School are welcome to attend any meeting of the School Council. However, only those parents and guardians who have signed the "Code of Ethics" will have a vote at the School Council meetings.

When Does School Council Meet?

Meetings happen once a month every Wednesday evening starting at 6:30 pm in the staff room at École Nicholas Sheran School. 

Why Should You Get Involved?

School Council offers an opportunity for parents to get involved in your child's education by volunteering in a school-wide activity or helping out in the classroom. Your involvement will help to ensure the best possible school experience for your child(ren).