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Elementary Students Experience Nicholas Sheran Market

Nicholas Sheran Elementary School Learning Commons Market - VIDEO

For the last two weeks, the Nicholas Sheran Market has taken over the school’s Makerspace.
Earlier this year during the school’s Book Fair, Daja Woods, Nicholas Sheran’s Learning Commons facilitator, noticed student skill in financial management needed a boost. Students were struggling with their understanding of money, making change and estimating.
The school has been discussing its understanding of the financial literacy components of the new Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum, and is working with grade level teachers to identify lagging skills in these areas.
Through the Nicholas Sheran Market, students have opportunities to use "debit cards" to withdraw funds from the bank and spend their money on experiences (green screen portrait photos with digital backgrounds), purchasing treats at the "boulangerie" and purchasing books (gently used books donated by families and staff), all with the goal of turning the Makerspace into real-world and exciting learning opportunity.
Students who were shop owners and bankers last week became shoppers and consumers this week, as everyone had an opportunity to work in multiple roles.


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